Some meme someone sent me

If by meme you mean something to waste time with.

The ABCs of … Pierce

Accent: Mostly southern. It really depends on the day and the word and who I’ve been around lately.

Booze: Don’t hardly drink no more. When I do, it’s been margaritas or beer. Back in high school and the Marines, when I was the devastated driver, it was anything that sat still long enough; a particular favorite was Hi-C Fruit Punch and Everclear in a big-ass gas station mug.

Chore I Hate: Dealing with the litter box. Of course it’s my job.

Dog or Cat: One of each right now.

Essential Electronics: Computer. I start to get twitchy if I go too long without.

Favorite Cologne: None. I’ve always avoided the stuff; must be an after-effect of the doused-in-Polo years. That shit still makes me gag.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Some white gold, because we couldn’t find wedding rings we liked in silver.

Hometown: Sherwood, Ark., a bedroom community north of Little Rock.

Insomnia: All the time. More of a problem now that I have apnea. Or maybe because I’m bipolar.

Job Title: None right now. Don’t miss having one; miss working, though.

Kids: One of each. Girl’s five and damned near a clone of me; boy’s three, looks more like mom but has some of my more endearing qualities.

Living arrangements: In a rental house on a dead-end street behind a hospital with a trauma center and helipad, with wife, kids, animals and a whole lot of junk.

Most admirable traits: Loyalty, intelligence, humor, determination.

Not going to cop to: All the Disney Channel shows I like: Jojo’s Circus, Go Baby, Charlie & Lola, Stanley, The Koala Brothers, Shanna’s Show, Kim Possible. KP’s probably the hardest to explain. I mean, the rest are right down the kids’ alley.

Overnight hospital stays: Let’s see, appendicitis as a kid, broken finger as a Marine, uvulopalatopharyngoplasy/polypectomy/tonsilectomy as an AP reporter, births of my children (though I really didn’t have to stay, since I didn’t do much work).

Phobias: Bugs and spiders; deep water.

Quote: There are things it is better to try to fix with no chance of success than to allow to continue without protest; it’s not that you may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but if you pile on, maybe you put it one day closer to breaking.

Religion: None. I don’t need a magic fairy to blame/thank for my situation.

Siblings: One, a sister, 13 days short of being 13 years younger than I. Thank you very much banned herbicide, if you’d have stayed legal for a few more years, I’d have been an only child. We actually get along now that she’s not sucking the available resources out of our family.

Time I wake up: When I have to. Given my druthers, it’s around 10, but I don’t want to sleep before 4.

Unusual talent or skill: Ability to see dust on my eyeballs.

Vegetables I love: Brussels sprouts and turnip greens

Worst habit: Smoking when I smoke, procrastinating when I procrastinate

X-rays: So many I should glow in the dark

Yummy foods I make: Fried pickles, cornbread, steak, spaghetti, creamy garlic mashed potatoes. Excuse me, I gotta go eat now.

Zodiac sign: Libra, the best one of all.

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