25 Things About Me

Because 24 just isn’t enough!

  1. I’m bipolar. Lately I’ve been mostly depressed, which can happen. I miss mania. I’m working with doctors at the VA to try and find a combo of medications that will hopefully let me deal with this condition a lot better. It’s slow going, not helped by the fact that I see a shrink about every two months. Yes, this means all the people who’ve thought I’m crazy over the years were right. Good for them.
  2. I’m an atheist. Not a terribly militant one, though it galls me when I see religion acting as an active evil in people’s lives. (See, for example, the Mormon Boys Ranch or the hypocrisy of Ted Haggard.) If you want to pray for me, fine. If you think I’m going to hell, fine. Neither really require any comment on your part.
  3. I’m a member of Community Unitarian Universalist Church in San Antonio. Wait, what was that last point? Actually, they accept me as an atheist. I’ve even volunteered to keep up the Web site. It’s just like any other church, only I don’t have to hide my (lack of) beliefs to keep from being proselytized. I encourage anyone who wants to to go learn about UUs. http://www.cuucsa.org and http://www.uua.org/
  4. I’m a former Marine. While it was a seminal time in my life, it wasn’t always for good reasons. In all, though, I’m glad I went through it. I would hate to face some of the challenges I have had without that training.
  5. I’m a father. Yeah, they’ll let anybody bring a kid home. It may be the least likely item on here, viewed from my childhood. But it’s the one thing I wouldn’t trade for anything.
  6. I’m a husband. This came about after I had decided to give up on love, so sometimes giving up can lead to good things.
  7. I’m a mostly reformed smoker. I fall off the wagon now and again.
  8. I’m not an alcoholic. They go to meetings.
  9. I stopped doing illegal drugs when I went into the Corps, and haven’t seen much use in starting again.
  10. I’m a Libra, and while I think astrology is bunk, I can say there are a lot of personality traits that match.
  11. I’m a Boar, and there are traits that match there as well. Go figure.
  12. I’m a decent cook, even when most of the ingredients come from boxes. Italian and Mexican are favorites.
  13. I watch almost no TV, but I will rearrange my life to see House and the CSIs (except for New York).
  14. I don’t go to many movies, but Netflix is helping catch me up.
  15. I used to buy CDs by the truckload, and still have over two hundred, but most of my music is now on the computer and rarely listened to.
  16. I’m attending the University of Memphis’ online M.A. in journalism because being a journalist roont me for honest work.
  17. I’m honestly unsure how I’m ever going to get a job in journalism again.
  18. I worry often about the damage I do to those I love. I can be corrosive as hell sometimes.
  19. I still harbor hopes of attending law school someday. I love to argue.
  20. I still harbor hopes of writing the new great epic poem.
  21. I still harbor hopes of publishing my memoirs from a place of peace and happiness.
  22. I still harbor hopes of living in the moment.
  23. I make no excuses for who and how I am.
  24. I am still a work in progress and I try to make an effort to improve every day. I’m not always successful.
  25. I cherish one thing above all others: the love of my family and friends.
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