What he said, and more

From Billmon:

I know that the freest and fairest societies are those with a free press . . . publishing information that the government does not want to reveal. If they can do that, surely I can face prison to defend a free press.
Judith Miller

Even under the best of circumstances, that would have been a repulsive exercise in shameless pandering. But coming from Judy Miller — the Pentagon’s favorite pre-war pipeline for feeding WMD bullshit to the American public — it’s enough to induce projectile vomiting. …
When I read Miller’s little speech, I’m afraid something snapped. Fuck journalistic principles. I was glad Judge Hogan locked the bitch up — I only wished he’d thrown the key away. And since we’re dealing with a critical national security threat here — after all, there’s a traitor running around the White House making things easier for nuclear terrorists — it occurred to me that a few stress positions might be in order for a high value detainee like Miller, or maybe a little of the Fear Up Harsh approach — with a nice lemon chicken dinner afterwards, of course.

Pierce says: You know, if I needed any other evidence that this is just another episode of Judith Miller’s persecution complex theater, this little speech would be it. But she’s dragged far too many journalists on stage with her, and it’s time to stop enabling her sad act.
Note to Ms. Miller: I don’t know exactly why you’re going to jail, whether it’s pure obstinance or protecting one of your pimps, but it sure the hell isn’t as a staunch defender of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I have a strong feeling it’s much more about not being seen as the obvious tool you’ve been, not to mention part of the fine New York Times tradition of admitting error only when it doesn’t do anybody much damned good; and to try to hide behind the soldiers you helped put in harm’s way for a shitload of lies is crass beyond measure and unforgivable. If you’re a journalist, call me something else; I would hate for anyone to conflate myself and my work with you.
It’s a damned shame so many people in journalism, both individually and collectively as professional organizations, feel they must stand by this useless, self-important hack who’s using the First Amendment as a damned toreador’s cape to distract and distort. I’m all for defending the First Amendment, even on principal alone in cases where the speech (or speaker) is repugnant, but that’s not what is happening here. Miller’s defenders are merely aiding a serial liar.

Missing the Larger Truth in the search for "Truth" About Iraq

Salon.com has a teaser for its article The “Truth” About Iraq” claiming that right wing talk show hosts “are headed to the war zone to report what they already know: U.S. Troops are winning….”
The problem here is that we’re winning our way into a Vietnam-style exit; it’s not that our troops can’t defeat insurgents in open battle, it’s that we can’t (or won’t, in many cases) protect them from the tactics used by the insurgents, whether with enough armor or enough people. But I suppose they have to bring a straw man to the Green Zone, or it wouldn’t be right-wing radio.